Scary title? No? Stereotypical perhaps. No matter which school of thought you belong, I guarantee you will have an intriguing read. Stop me if I’m wrong but I assure you we have more wolves than humans in the world today. Wolves can be classified as viciously clandestine. Aha! You wonder how the two words blend. Of course, man has been known to be dangerous and aggressive when having dealings with fellow man. They don’t want their acts out in the open even though subconsciously they would want to get satisfaction knowing that someone is aware of their deeds. Remember, ‘man inhumanity to man’, sounds like a cliché but inhumanity is like a second skin to man that would never wear off.

Generation wolf. A wolf is a predatory animal related to the dog family and wolves usually hunt in packs. In similitude to the present generation man, has defined a wolf as i) a man who makes amorous advances to many women, ii) a cruelly rapacious person. Also, the Encarta Dictionaries described a wolf as i) an offensive term used for somebody who is regarded as greedy and cruel, ii) a sexually aggressive or predatory man.

Alright, now come along for the ride. A female friend once cried all the way to my office. It took a little while to dry the tears and sober her up, but then the tale that created her anguish got me all riled up. She was facing some challenges that affected her mental strength (or is it spiritual strength?) and she decided she would see the fairly new pastor in her church for counseling. It turned out that the pastor led her rather on an emotional journey that culminated in both having an affair from the clergy’s office to the clergy’s matrimonial home. While it lasted, no one heard of it until she got pregnant and had to be tossed off by her wolf-like clergy like a mutilated piece of cloth. Of course she couldn’t relate her ordeal to any member of the congregation else they maul her down like self righteous wolves that they are. Her immediate family mustn’t hear it too because they reverence the sanctimonious pastor, and what would the world say? I was her only confidant at that point of her life. Well, don’t ask me what happened afterwards. Use your imagination. A wolf in robes-skin, eh?

Come along. At some point in my life, I tried a number of times to fathom a way to help the authorities stop examination malpractice but I found out the authorities don’t want any help! As a matter of fact, their case is like the saying, ‘if you stop a prostitute from seeing men, how do you want her to feed and maintain herself?’. I taught for a couple of years after completing my youth service in one of the private schools and spent one of the shortest possible periods as an examination officer when I refused to register students from outside the school who came to register for a certificate examination because they would not appear for the examination but must have their requisite five credit passes. In order words, they would be ghost candidates and why not? They have paid huge extras for their seeming absence. Naturally, I got the chop same week I got examination officer’s job. The wolves in teachers-skin do not think their actions have any repercussions on the education system. In one incident before I was made examination officer, I invigilated an examination the day Chemistry was been written and these foursome were standing in a group chatting lazily while practical examination went on. With the external examiner just behind me, I inquired from the boys why they weren’t participating and got a rude awakening.

‘Sir, we are waiting for the end-points. What’s the use of wasting our time performing titration when all we need is the end point from you’. One answered carelessly.

‘And why would we give you the end-point when are doing nothing? Who told you we are giving it to you anyway?’. I challenged them. They looked me over like a fly that just crawled into their meal.

‘Because we paid for it. Of course I know you are only kidding sir’. The other replied with derision.

I got so mad it was all I could do not to smash his smug face with a tripod stand. Of course, the external examiner connived with my school management to manipulate me out of the hall. I was about pouring the proverbial sand into his ‘garri’. I was the lone sheep amongst a pack of wolves.

Last year, a series of disturbing pedophilia news spread across the nation where the culprits were caught but none got a serious conviction that would put them away for good and bring vindication and relative succor to the victims. The pedophiles, the lawyers and members of the society who look the other way are wolves in human skin. It is like a vicious cycle movie where all of them want a piece of the action.

Walk with me some more. Last week, Kate – that’s not her real name, was thrown out of her workplace where she’s been working for three years because she was caught atop her boss’s lap while feeding him coffee in the office, by the man’s wife. Of course, the man refused paying her salary for that month or any form of severance pay because she was careless enough to leave the door to her boss’s office unlocked. Yes, she-wolf caught in the act with he-wolf and only the she-wolf got punished. Perhaps, the man got his own dose at home, but the wolf in him will continue the romp with the next female employee.

I know if we continue this ride, we will come across a lot more sordid tales of the wolves in the world but not enough plans to curtail their insidious and predatory actions. Look around you. Look at the man in the mirror. Is he a wolf? Generation wolf is here but what can we do to curb their excesses?



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      1. I’m glad you liked the Ebola article. Thank you so much for following my blog. I will be posting again in about two weeks when my summer vacation ends. Nice to meet you.
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