The Spyhole Game – A new bestseller in the bunners!

Hey guys! Watch out for the next thriller from the book stables of Iheanyi Ike titled, ‘The Spyhole Game’. Read the excerpts from the opening pages of the upcoming bestseller:


Wednesday July, 1999

The old man leaned on the back of the wooden recliner draped over with cloth material. A tobacco pipe stuck out of the side of his mouth. The gentle sweet smelling morning breeze reminded him of his home in the village. He closed his eyes for the umpteenth time and puffed away at his pipe. To the transient eye the man hadn’t a care in the world. But the old man was worried. Suddenly his eyes flipped open like someone who had a sharp blade thrust into his heart in the day dream. Slowly, he turned his head to his right and regarded the man sitting next to him. The old man removed his eyes as the other man turned to him, having felt his close scrutiny. The old man absently watched the birds playing on a mango tree just in front of him. These two men sat just outside block 8B, road 3 of the Isu Steel Complex staff quarters. The old man closed his eyes again and drifted once more into thoughts. The man that sat beside him was his son, Emmanuel. It’s been eight months the old man was brought to the city by his son after suffering a bout of stroke. He felt fully recovered now.

Author’s note:

Expect more from the first chapter to wet your appetite. Other juicy articles will start rolling out for the blog readers to relish. Thanks for stopping by.


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